Thursday, March 31, 2005

Discount Dental Plan

Whether you are living in a large city or a small one, there is a dental plan that is available for you. Most employers offer some form of dental insurance to a regular employee, which is often organized by the major medical care planners. This is usually a discount dental plan based on what the employer is ready to bear and what is available as the basic minimum. A discount dental plan excludes most of the surgery and major expense items that may be available on more expensive plans, simply because of its payment structure. We remember that we get what is paid for, rarely more, and most times somewhat less.


Blogger slorm said...

As a person with teeth, I was thrilled to read in your blog entry that there are discount dental plans avilable. However, I am troubled that these plans are only being offered to people living in large and small cities. I live in a medium sized city! Why are you disciminating against me and my people?

And what about people living in shacks in the wilderness? They, if anyone, are certainly in need of discount dental plans. Do you know what a diet of berries and squirrels does to someone's teeth?

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